Alan Haverty

Software Developer

Dublin, Ireland

Email: LinkedIn: /in/AlanAHaverty GitHub: ahaverty Twitter: @alan_haverty


DT211C, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and Infrastructure

2012 - 2016

I am a fourth year student currently finishing a BSc in Computer Science, learning a wide range of topics including programming, networking, systems, hardware, and mathematics. I'm particularly interested in programming with AngularJS, Java, Python, SQL, Machine Intelligence, and mobile application projects. Outside of lectures, I have worked with DIT's Student Union as DT211's Class Representative.

In November of 2015, I was awarded 'Best Student BSc Computer Science & Infrastructure Stage 3'. My final year consisted of a large, self-directed, six month long final year project. My project resulted in a prediction system using Numenta's Machine Intelligence Project (NuPIC) along with three mobile applications for the system's driver, restaurant, and operator users. The project dealt with asynchronous programming in AngularJs, query performance in MySQL (with geospatial querying), machine intelligence implementation (NuPIC), and data generation and simulation in Python.



Student Software Engineer, IBM Ireland

I received a two year internship from Dublin Software Group, IBM, after completing interviews and an intense internship training module through DIT. I'm currently working as an intern software and test automation developer on the Intelligent Water team (a member of IBM's Smarter Cities Initiative). My key roles has been the development of the tests and Selenium Automation suites used to validate and verify the Intelligent Water package.

The internship has given me two years professional experience on a medium sized agile test and development team, working on a large project deployed by various government agencies throughout the world.



I'm a passionate software developer currently nearing the end of a two year internship in IBM, whilst in my final year of a four year BSc Honours in Computer Science and Infrastructure course in Dublin Institute of Technology, Kevin Street (DIT DT211C). I was recently selected as 2016's best final year project at DIT's School of Computing annual project fair. My experiences include programming with AngularJS, Java, Python, and SQL. I also have almost two years of experience in Selenium automation testing with IBM's Intelligent Water team apart of IBM's Smarter Cities.

I'm ambitious and eager to learn new technologies. Over the course of my six month final year project, I researched, designed, and implemented an on-demand delivery driver system using technologies including Numenta's NuPIC predictions, AngularJs/Ionic Mobile Framework, Python, spatial MySQL, and Backand. The resulting project included 3 functioning mobile applications for the system's Drivers, Restaurants, and Operators, along with a driver dispersal system utilising NuPIC's predictions. The system also handled millions of simulated jobs, which resulted in my inevitable passion for query performance and asynchronous programming.

As a previous class representative for DT211, I worked with lecturers, college boards, and the student union to ensure that the voice of DT211 was heard. Last November I was also awarded 'The 2015 Award for Best Student BSc Computer Science & Infrastructure Stage 3'. I was also previously involved with the Malahide Sea Scouts, leading a strong troop of 50+ scouts, and a determined team of leaders. Before beginning my career with IBM and DIT, I worked closely with a city pharmacy, creating digital assets and maintaining their Magento eCommerce systems. During the earlier summers I also took the opportunity to apply my web development skills to various freelance projects including websites and systems for local architects, hair salons, and clubs.


Java, AngularJS, SQL, MySQL, Selenium automation testing, REST Services, Backand, Ionic Mobile Framework, Websphere Message Broker/IIB, Linux, Scrum/Agile Team, C, Magento